Danifera on her birthday

A model with strong cynosure in the public. Born on 18th November, 2018. Danifera was born into the prestigious family of  Mr./Mrs Okon.

She hails from Etim Ekpo but based at Uyo – the capital city of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. During her Elementary schooling days, she got enrolled at Monica Kindergarten and Elementary school. 

Having high quest for educational competition and serenity, she advanced to Edwina college, Ikot Ekpene for her High school education.

Danifera whose real name is Agnes Okon has not been an exception to the belief that hard work pays and with this, has taken part in various modelling contests example the Sapphire.

At school, Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua, she was called a cynosure.

During an interactive session with the Spaflous on her birthday, emulating facts were discovered about her world.

She has great love for anything pink. Listening to cool musics at her leisure accompanied with reading of romantic novels. Travelling and cooking are also what she loves entangling herself with. A rare gem with great sense of duty, discipline and responsibility.

The Spaflous calls her “The Queen of the Foreign lands”. But till this moment, no one  can categorically say anything about her love live.

Do you know what happened to her on her birthday? She was extremely beautiful and gorgeous. These pictures of her will proof to you that Danifera Israel is a classic model 

Danifera on her birthday

Danifera on her birthday

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Danifera on her birthday

Danifera a model birthday pix Danifera a model birthday pix Danifera a model birthday pix



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