FUTO Gist: Message to the Presidency Students’ Union Government – 2018/2019 Executives

Lately after the first day of the first semester’s examination, depressed FUTO students who where prevented from partaking in the exams wrote this heart breaking letter to their student leader based on the fact that they have been neglected in the Aluta Struggle.

They lamented about the unjust policy of no school fees no exams implemented in the first semester rather than the second semester.

Below is the letter they sent through out all social channels just to be considered as they are part of the Aluta Restoration for Nigerian Students.


Looking at the situations of things and the economy does it sound right to implement this policy in the first semester of an academic session?

What is the purpose for creating the SUG if it’s not to protect the interest of students?

How do you feel seeing students cry and get sent out of the exam hall because of #40,000 that will definitely be paid?

Do you know how painful it is to

How do you feel when you hear about students/youths committing suicide because of hardship and you still let these old men and women inflict untold hardship and depression on students?

Have you ever come across an orphan training him/herself in school?

Many orphans are in school and will need time to raise that school fees.

Of what use is it inflicting hardship and pain on the students when they will definitely pay their school fees?😕

I think this current SUG government is ceremonial because of their inability to speak..

At least they should be able to plead with the school administration to give enough time, at least till second semester because all fingers are not equal.

We don’t have a union!

Is one week enough to raise #40,000?

Let’s remember that posterity is there to judge everyone no matter one’s position.. Mr Frank Samuel even Mr F. C EZE.

The Aluta Struggle isn’t for those that don’t know how to speak up, it was not created to give you a car to drive for one year.
It was created to give students hope and not f’s, it was created to speak and solicit on behalf of the poor/average Nigerian student.

We will continue to stand up to injustice

Team Making Right. (TMR)


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