Latest for FUTO Freshers: O’Level Results Upload for the 2018/2019 Admissions Exercise


All Candidates whose names appeared in the 2018/2019 FUTO Merit Admission list should urgently upload their O’level results in JAMB Portal to validate their Admissions.


To be eligible for 2018/2019 FUTO Supplementary Admissions, all candidates should urgently upload their O’Level results in JAMB Portal.

The above information is for your strict compliance, please.

Hello freshers, the information above is what we got from FUTO’s portal. Take it without any grain of salt. Ensure you follow all the procedures stated to avoid complications.

I can vividly recall during my days as a fresher ( 2017/2018) many of my counterparts in FUTO who joked over serious issues were badly affected. most of them landed in a maze which i wouldn’t love to share here.

In a nutshell, dear freshers, spaflous is happy that you have made it to FUTO. It wasn’t easy. And to those that supplemented, have hope too. Any course you are studying in FUTO is a big deal. Join in the uploading of O’level result if you really want to see results coming your way.

Always count on us when it comes to FUTO news. In FUTO, there is no other to be compared with the Spaflous Entertainers!

I am an Electrical Electronic Engineering Student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri - Nigeria. Best of Luck!

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