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Why we Should Snap some Photos Together After Our Exams On Friday!

Everyone takes photos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but are all of them worth it?Photographs are the new way to communicate nowadays. Social media sites are centered around photography.

Taking a photo is so much easier due to improved technology, it is the easiest way to save a memory or a moment. It can be shared seen or understood easily.

But when can photographs be taken? Life is not meant to be lived behind a lense. One should feel the beauty of the moment to feel the need to capture it. Be it a beautiful sunset, child’s smile, your family gathering. It holds a memory behind it.


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Your superficial features won’t matter then. A photo should capture raw moments of emotion, everyone can take a fake one.

They are now being taken to prove self worth to others! Looking the best, exotic luxuries. A real photo is personal, it has intimacy. It makes your memory infinite.

Every photo hold a story behind it. Make sure the story is the moment, not taking multiples of them to fake a perfect one. Photography is a powerful tool, use it revisit your memories and capturing new ones.

People take photos to capture life moments. Moments of happiness, fun, friendship, etc.

We would like those moments to last, to remember them and to share them with others. We take photos to satisfy that deep desire of having life memories.

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