Top 5 Countries To study Abroad in Europe

Top 5 Countries To study Abroad in Europe

Today, we are considering the bests countries in Europe where international students can study their courses at the European Educational Standard. Below are five good study abroad destinations in Europe. Kindly read through them with care. Happy reading! 

Study in Europe  

As generally known, Europe is a very nice study abroad destination for many international students. This is as a result of high standard of education and lifestyle in Europe thus, making it a cynosure to every student.

Students from America, Africa, Asia in fact, all other continents, really desire to experience the study life in the country. In this post, we are considering the top 5 countries to study abroad in Europe, low tuition universities in Europe. Join me as  I dive into the main issue now.

List of Good Study Abroad Destinations in Europe for International Students


Cost of living in UK is amazingly low and affordable for international students who wish to study abroad in UK. It is estimated at £800 to £1200 per month. 

This amount certainly covers the accommodation cost, books and stationery, travels, food, and so on. The only factor that can alter this expense rate is the student’s way of managing his/her resources.


Norway is readily becoming a popular study destination among international students.
The number of universities and university colleges offering Bachelor’s and Master’s program in English are tremendously increasing every day. 

It is one of the few remaining countries in the world where tuition fee is free for everyone including international students. The Norwegian Government also offers scholarship programs to cover living costs in Norway. 


The decline in population in Hungary since 1981 has opened door for international students to live and pursue their higher education in this country. Most of the international students come to pursue full time degree in medical programs, as Hungary is popularly known for its medical schools. 

Hungary is found in central europe with an estimated population of over 10 million people.  Right from 2004, it has been a member state of the European Union and this has afforded students the opportunity to discover other parts of Europe while earning a higher education degree.


Did you want to study free in Germany? But you need to know that education is not completely free in Germany as students will need to budget for their own living expenses. It is estimated at 600euros which covers the cost of accommodation, food, travels, books, stationeries, health care, registration fees etc.

So, in one year the estimated cost of living is put at 8000 euro. This is an estimate amount; it could be more or less. It depends on the individual involved since different people have different lifestyles. 


Ukraine is an excellent study destination for international students who want to study their dream courses abroad. Ukraine, as we all know, has a lot of academic features which makes it a cynosure for students and other study destinations.

In Ukraine, a student can get quality education at low tuition fees. There are various courses to study including Science, Art and Management. During your studies, there is a great chance of you getting a part-time job.

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