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I am happy you have showed interest to submit a guest post on Spaflous.

Write and tell FUTO students why you want them to vote you in any election. Tell them what you will do. Here is the avenue so spill out!!!


Please, write on any of the following topics:

1)Application Process/requirement for any university/country

(2)Cheap Tuition Universities or Online Universities in any country and how to apply

(3)Cheap Medical and Engineering Universities and how to apply

(4)Any ongoing free scholarship for international students

(5)Admission deadline of 3 popular study abroad destinations

(6) Application process of a university offering free tuition to international students

(7) How to study in any low tuition university with fees ranging from $5,000 to $24,000 (include also the application process, application documents and admission deadline)

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

*Your post must be original, that is to say, the same has never been published on any other site/blog, including your own site.

*Optionally, you can include in your by-line an extra link to your preferred personal social-site namely: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or whatever.

*The article should have at least a minimum of 500 words. If it’s possible, I prefer lengthy-quality articles; also it’d be scan able with headlines, sub-headlines, bulleted lists, etc

*All articles should be sent to globewizard@gmail.com